Sunday, November 19, 2017

Busy week

School was crazy as the staff and students prepared for our football team playing at the state championship for Division 3. There were 8 buses of students, the band, the dance team, cheerleaders, and multitudes of cars traveling to Madison, WI to play at Camp Randall home of the Wisconsin Badgers. The excitement was crazy and Friday was a no classes day as the game was at 10:00 A.M.

But we lost after such a great season. The best part was being in the cafeteria as the crowd clapped the whole team to the locker rooms; it went on and on as the players descended from the bus across and across the room They were disappointed, of course, and their heads hung low. But we were proud; they still were amazing to have gotten that far.

The picture is from the regional championship.

On another note, my daughter in law has had a tough week with her diabetes and went in the hospital last night to bring her blood sugar levels down. I feel for her and my son and the boys.

As far as quilting in my world:

I have started Christmas and have made the tops to some mug rugs/ pot holders.  Cute pattern found on Pinterest, of course.  They went together easily and the scraps were in my Christmas box.  It will be perfect to send to my mom especially as mailing to Canada is costly, but fabric isn't. But they will also be great small gifts for others as well.

Then I found the Covered in Love block drive.  Many hands make light work. I love being able to do small things with my fabric and be creative, but not having to devote time to a large project. Plus I feel it is one way I can make a difference by sharing my talents.

Lastly, I finally have some RSC blocks to show:  brown.  Each time I make this block, I try to be so careful meeting the center of the pinwheel. Ahh.  sometimes it is just not to be.  But the more I make them the more I love the blocks and how they look together.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

November a month for birthdays!

Now that October has past, we are into the chilly month of November.  And I mean CHILLY! It has plunged to the temperature in the teens today.  Just in the past couple days, the leaves are gone.  The winter coats are out and the tools for snow removal are prepared in advance.

Image result for birthday images

But November in my family is 3 November birthdays. On the first was my daughter in law's birthday.  The photos I had  taken as a surprise when my hb and I babysat for several days were a great hit for her and are already in frames around the house.

Next came mine this week. I was serenaded by 200 7th graders in lunch at school this week.  I bet you can't top that! They were so cute. My family came for dinner Sunday and brought in Italian food. Easy to heat up, and I didn't have to do any work. The piece de resistance was a chocolate cake with a raspberry filling and a white chocolate buttercream frosting adorned with fresh raspberries.  Ahh. so good!

But the birthday that can't even come close to those is my mother in law's which is actually on November 21. But we are celebrating this weekend.  She is turning 100!  An amazing lady who is sharp as a tack, follows the Wisconsin Badgers , her alma mater, and all Milwaukee/ Green Bay sports.  All kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, a sister, and nieces and nephews, are all arriving for a celebration tomorrow.

I finished this hanging for her.  And hope it will be seen on her door.

 Here is a close up of the stippling.

And here is the trick for adding a dowel rod to hang it.  I added a tab in the middle for the added length.

Good news: everybody liked it.!

And lastly I finished my Stash Bee block.  I am usually finished with the block the first couple days of the month. But it is still early in November.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A finish!

Here are several photos of the lap quilt I have finished for a veteran at a retirement center. 
2 basic blocks: friendship stars which are all scrappy, and the split rail fence done in red, white and blue.  Each block iw 6 inches with a total size of 36 inches. 
The back is an awesome star print. 

The quilting is just a large stipple.

But it is done!  

Secondly, I have a banner for my mother in law who turns 100 years old this month.  We are gaving a family get together at her assisted living place.  She is amazing and sharp as a tack still following her alma mater, University of Wisconsin Badgers as well as many other sports and teams. She loves to read, still.  But arthritis has taken a toll on her physically. 

So here it is, yet to be quilted and bound. But nice and bright and hopefully to hang on her door.

Lastly the optional block for Blockheads week 34 by Lisa Bongean. It went together well.  I really like using the Best Press. prior to cutting it out.  It makes it come together precisely as long as the seam allowance is good.  This time I am using a new pumpkin color with a dark purple print of Kansas Troubles. ( hard to tell)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lap quilt

Great accomplishment!

First of all my hand applique on these to borders is coming along,  On one of them I have all the vines and leaves and berries completed leaving only the 3 flowers. On the 2nd I have most of the vines completed. It was an undertaking to switch from machine applique to hand.  I love the glue basting and it makes it so easy to applique the prepared shapes which had used Kim Diehl's papers as support or the templates from Karen Kay Buckley for the berries.

Secondly, I not only finished the flimsy for this Veteran lap quilt, but also did stipple quilting on it for the weekend. I like how it turned out and am glad to be ahead of the November 8th deadline to finish it. 

And to think it is all from scraps and yardage I had on hand!  Even the batting was a leftover.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

More blocks

It's Friday and I have had a little time during the week as well as this evening to sew.  I even got to pick out dinner I liked and chill by myself as hubby had a concert  in Madison.

So progress:

Here are all the rest of my pink blocks for my rainbow scrap challenge. Then all that is left to complete are brown squares and a few odd colors I have found and cut out. And THEN I can assemble the quilt. this gives me a total of 9 pink blocks.  The more I make these pinwheels the more precise I am getting with the centers. Matching all those triangles can be a tricky and need to be resewn a time or two.

Next up are the 2 latest Blockheads blocks. Dutchman's puzzle was quick to assemble and I even accidentally got it spinning in the right direction. The 2nd block I cut out the wrong colors and had to remake a the half square triangles.  But it turned out nicely in the end.  Again these are 6 inch blocks for a total of 33.  All of mine are in Kansas Troubles fabrics.

Lastly I am making a lap quilt for a veteran for a wheelchair. Here are 8 friendship star blocks to start it out. They are 6 inch blocks.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Meadow mystery

Here is the piecework for the next step of the Meadow Mist Mystery.

This step required matching left and right triangles on the end of rectangles so there are 8 of each color.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Falling into fall

September is gone and October is here!  Fall leaves have either accumulated on the ground or hung tightly to their trees.  My grandsons love to crunch, crunch, crunch them on our walks around the block. Misty rain has arrived dampening all outside and finally bringing some beautiful color to the trees.

I have been looking forward to this  October week for some time.  I took off several days of work for it as my spouse and I will be caregivers for the grandboys from Monday night through Sunday as 
son and daughter in law are going to a destination wedding in Jamaica. I have many activities planned, food and craft supplies prepared, and even  a safety gate ready to prevent a tumble down the stairs at night.  We even had a trial run on a Saturday to make sure the little one would sleep at our house, something he was reluctant to do previously.

Here is the photo I arranged to be taken complete with matching outfits for them.  It is tough to take pictures of little guys... and I even had a 9 a.m. appointment.

I feel like I haven't gotten much done for quilting, but am constantly in completing the blocks stage.
This week is no different:

New Blockheads:

New color for RSC : pink

But here is my row to start for the row by row at my quilt guild this week.  O.K. here are the blocks that went into the row quilt.  I forgot to take a picture before it started on its journey.